#895 The Whoopee Boys (1986)

It’s worth taking a look on the poster on the right as it perfectly captures the essence of this movie, and no – it’s not good news. The Whoopee Boys is a comedy following two useless losers who after running into a rich heiress decide to get into the high society disguised as a gentleman and his servant.

Total void of funny is what best describes the movie. Much of the failure is due to Paul Rodriguez, the other half of the comedic duo who just goes for the low key comedy without any kind of idea or wittiness to it. His schtick throughout the movie consists of slapping women on their gluteus maximi and acting like a dick among the aristocratic crowd, making funny remarks about poodles humping legs and suggesting the owners stroke their pets’ genitals. I’ve never witnessed a comedian dying so many times on stage and I can only hope not to witness anything like this again.

The Whoopee Boys is an agonising experience to sit through, and I’d suggest anyone hoping to find a hidden eighties Dumb & Dumber gem here to keep on looking anywhere far away from this stink pile.

80s-o-meter: 89%

Total: 4%