#891 Tough Guys (1986)

Tough Guys is an action comedy of a two yesteryear bank robbers getting released from a jail after serving their 30 year sentence.

After the interesting premise along with the main characters are introduced, the movie grinds to an absolute halt, presenting a stream of rather uninteresting events that only serve to rub in that modern day isn’t too kind for these old men. Watching the movie is a long and some times tedious waiting game for that inevitable heist in the end, but luckily the movie manages to redeem itself in the last 25 minutes of its running time.

Tough Guys is a relatively unknown movie that has gathered favourable reviews no doubt thanks to its veteran actors Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, and they manage to make the movie worth your while.

A word of warning though; replace them with some 30 years younger bulk actors and you really wouldn’t have that much of a movie going on here.

80s-o-meter: 64%

Total: 61%