#877 Dangerous Curves (1988)

Dangerous Curves is an insignificant buddy comedy taking place in the sunny California that never makes an attempt for originality, and has that straight to video vibe written all over it.

Grant Heslov is totally lost in his role as the party animal side kick dragging his friend into troubles of various sorts; instead of pulling off that lovable rogue schtick the character is without any lovable traits and ends up plain annoying. Tate Donovan’s screen presence has always been terrific – reminding that of Robert Webb – taking the movie up a notch or two. Last but possibly least, Leslie Nielsen does a pretty uninspired visit as a crime lord inevitably getting his due.

The movie is a prime example of a pastiche where the team has succeeded in borrowing a lot of proven concepts, but totally dropping the ball when it comes to putting them all back together, making Dangerous Curves effectively more fun in still pictures and VHS trailers than as an actual movie.

80s-o-meter: 89%

Total: 48%