#830 Protocol (1984)

A definition of a dedicated star vehicle if there ever was one, Protocol is a light hearted comedy built upon the very lovable girl next door qualities of Goldie Hawn — and it’s the role she pulls of with flying colors.

Although the movie is complete fluff, it’s fortunately mostly of the entertaining kind and manages to press a whole combination of feel good buttons that make the movie an easy to watch experience.

While the first portion of the movie builds up an intriguing setup, the latter part about arabs and sheiks feels like an unneeded diversion and entirely plastered on. Both the story and Hawn’s perky character would’ve benefited a lot if the writers would’ve just dug deeper into the already established plot. This decisions seems due to the makers of the movie struggling to meet the 90 minute mark as evident in some of the scenes that just seem to drag on and on.

This is a one woman show and it’s Goldie that makes the movie worth your time. The movie is fluffy, outdated and completely irrelevant, but similarly to its heroine, Protocol somehow manages to have some irresistible qualities to it.

80s-o-meter: 84%

Total: 75%