#760 Halloween 2017: Zombie High (1987)

Zombie High joins the rank of horror comedies that are dark in their humor and rarely wander off to being too silly and trivial. The movie is also very aware that the concept of a boarding school run by a staff who’s reached immortality through harvesting life-sustaining chemicals from the students’ brains is kind of a far fetch, but manages to tell the story in a fashion that lures the viewer to play along with the gag, if not to completely buy it.

The movie is pretty low on frights, and could’ve milked lots of additional shock value out of its ’everyone is involved’ theme that is very briefly visited during the police station scene. The light-hearted social commentary about lively young people being turned to zombies that wear suits, carry briefcases and go on with the lives as a very successful drones is delightful one, especially with the small gag in the few last seconds to the film.

Although the script doesn’t provide her much to work with, Virginia Madsen, who’s playing the protagonist here, stands head and shoulders above your average, totally forgettable B-movie actresses, and really brings the movie up a notch or two.

Zombie High is a nifty little horror comedy that will keep you easily entertained – but probably not spooked – during its 90 minutes runtime.

80s-o-meter: 82%

Total: 70%