#742 Halloween 2017: Return to Horror High (1987)

A confusing horror comedy, Return to Horror High shows some limited promise from time to time, but soon starts to stumble as it tries to be too clever for its own good. The endless stream of flashbacks and dreams wrapped up in a snappy movie-within-a-movie concept makes the movie tiresome to follow.

Among the totally no-name cast can be seen one young gentleman called George Clooney in his feature film debut role, cast in a side role of a cop getting killed in the very first minutes of the movie. Talk about an unfortunate casting choice!

The movie has a lot of good underdog kind of vibe to it that I usually root for, but the plot is just much way too unsatisfying to get sucked into. It’s a shame because this budget movie is shot and produced in a professional fashion, and on the surface the movie seems crazy enough to warrant a cult movie status.

80s-o-meter: 83%

Total: 61%