#719 Teen Witch (1989)

An 80s cult classic largely thanks to its unshameful depictions of teenage high school everyday life – including white boy rapping on school hallways and improvised dance and sing numbers in the girls’ locker room – Teen Witch no doubt paved the way to a lot of awful 90s movies and series, the likes of Beverly Hills 90210.

While I have to admit that all that over the board teen stuff is entertaining in all of its awfulness, Teen Witch never goes full way with any of its concepts. The soon-to-be-cinderella protagonist isn’t a loser to start with, the antagonists aren’t menacing enough, the teen witchery aspect isn’t explored beyond getting a male teacher to undress and getting to be popular in the school, which could’ve been achieved without resorting to any supernatural plotlines.

Finally, the moral of the movie of believing in yourself and being just yourself, well .. I’m not too sure if it ever actually takes place in that final scene.

Teen Witch plays campy like a high school musical with very limited amount of music, but although the movie is flawed and makes just a little sense, there’s just something very irresistible about the whole sincerity of it all.

80s-o-meter: 97%

Total: 70%