#718 Married to the Mob (1988)

On the surface Married to the Mob had nothing to interest me: I’m not particularly big on mob movies and the cast here didn’t seem to include anyone with the kind of comedy chops that will provide some sure laughs.

Luckily the movie turned out much different than I anticipated. Instead of a lowest common denominator gangster film, Married to the Mob is a movie about starting anew and trying to let go of your past that won’t let you go. This is not a laugh out loud comedy, but one that manages have a lot of heart.

Michelle Pfeiffer is totally gorgeous and lovable as the widow trying to start all over again. Both Matthew Modine and Dean Stockwell are likeable in their roles, but both somehow seem just a bit off. Stockwell in particular tries his very best to be as repulsive as possible, but ends up a much too sympathetic mob boss.

80s-o-meter: 70%

Total: 82%