#716 Wrong Is Right aka The Man With The Deadly Lens (1982)

Wrong is Right or The Man With The Deadly Lens as it was released in the UK is a rare mix of comedy and thriller.

Starring Sean Connery in a playboy network star reporter role that although his James Bond fame seems a bit off to him, the movie suffers from its subpar, made-for-tv like production values with the special effects and camera trickery and zooms that reek of the 70s. The newsflash portions with public reactions and interviews are unintentionally comical and the action parts are pretty much on par with the classic 60s James Bond or Batman series.

In other words: Not good.

It’s a shame because the movie’s grim message of the dirty international politics, behind the curtains machinations, assassinations, oil money and how the news has turned into an entertainment business is as topical as it was almost 40 years ago. Not only are we currently reaping the results of these politics, but many of the predictions presented here have actualised in one way or another.

80s-o-meter: 51%

Total: 60%