#687 Nightmare Sisters (1988)

What do you do when you have some leftover 35mm film from your previous movie you just finished? You could haphazardly come up with a story and shoot another movie in four days.

Well, that’s what the team behind this movie did anyway. A direct to VHS movie release that soon disappeared from the public eye, Nightmare Sisters has since become something of a cult classic, famous for bringing three cult b-movie actresses for scenes of full frontal nudity that borderline soft porn. The early 90s versions shown on cable networks featured a cut of the movie with the most raunchy scenes cut out, and those rumoured cut out scenes present on current releases naturally added to the cult status of the movie.

It’s a strange mix of sub B-movie plot and FX (all the actors did their own makeup, which mostly consists of a set of plastic fangs purchased from a novelty store), paired with a solid production work in the camera and the lighting departments. The end result looks quite professional and not shoddy at all, but as a movie .. well .. it is pretty lame.

With a plot good enough maybe for a 30 minute short movie, the editor has really struggled in the cutting room to meet the 80 minute mark. Every scene is about two to three times as long as they really need to be, and there are very obvious fillers all over the place. Given all this, it’s still a surprisingly fluid experience.

80s-o-meter: 88%

Total: 41%