#655 Mischief (1985)

If there was a competition for the most sympathetic movie ever (and there isn’t, I’ve checked), Mischief would rate pretty high up there.

The at first unlikely friendship between Jonathan, the class nerd and a Gene, a greaser from the big city is a delightful and interesting one. Both outcasts in their own rights, united in their struggling to get ahead in life – and love. In all honesty, the romance between McKeon and super hot Kelly Preston at times feels a bit far fetched, but they both – along the rest of the cast – come out with flying colors in their performances. Especially Jonathan, played by Doug McKeon, is a perfectly lovable geek that perfectly suits the tone of the movie.

Mischief is not your yet-another average lowest common denominator 50s nostalgia trip, but a lighthearted, lovable comedy that might be set in the past, but its themes are certainly timeless.

80s-o-meter: 61%

Total: 92%