#62 Christmas 2014: Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

Before his untimely death Jim Varney’s Ernest character clowned around throughout the eighties to much amusement for us kids. Rubber-faced Varney’s simple, but good willing doofus character was slapstick at its purest form, with most of the humour relying on pure physical comedy and silly facial gestures. While one could argue this is the lowest form of comedy, Varney was one of the rare talents of the art among with the likes of Jim Carrey.

Ernest Saves Christmas tells a story of an ageing santa who needs someone slightly younger to take over the business, much like a pope. His chosen one is a children TV host called Joe (Oliver Clark), who lives in the faraway land of Hollywood.

There’s not too much to be explained here, it’s a simple movie with no hidden agendas, subtexts or complex plots and something that can be taken with just the face value. It succeeds in delivering most of the stuff it goes after and executes most of it with just the right kind of professional assertiveness.

It’s a good christmas watch for the whole family with a good amount of suspension, humour and kindness, and definitely one of the christmas movies that should not be forgotten.

And Jim, while we are a it; thanks for all the laughs!

80s-o-meter: 95%

Total: 84%


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