#469 Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988)

It has to be admitted: A movie about the last stud searching for fertile women prisoned in the post apocalyptic wasteland by a bunch of mutant frogs while wearing a pair of explosive underpants sure sounds like a riot. Starring the always sympathetic Roddy Piper known from the later cult classic They Live (1987), Hell Comes To Frogdown plays all its cards with the awesome synopsis and within the 15 first minutes of the movie, and the rest of the film can’t keep up with the built up premise.

Obviously made with campiness in the mind, the movie could’ve been one of the great cult classics of the era – but as it is now, it somehow just tries and promises too much and delivers too little.
It’s not a completely lemon though, and still worth your while just as long as you know not to expect too much out of it.

Although it has the makings of a cult movie written all over it, Hell Comes To Frogtown doesn’t just deliver enough quirkiness and fun to make it to the hall of fame


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