#454 Tank (1984)

This being one of the lesser known 80s movies so I expected a light-hearted military farce with some sort of special tank as the centerpiece. Quite the opposite, this movie is more of a adventure and coming-of-age drama for both the father (James Garner) and the son (C. Thomas Howell).

The movie starts off a bit slow and keeps you guessing of the genre and things to come. When things start happening, they sort of make sense but are merrily over exaggerated and ridiculous, with bad cops, a hidden labor camp and reaching the point of no return by going berserk in town with the military tank.

As much as I loved the nonsense of escaping the police with a Sherman tank and them not able to keep up, the movie couldn’t get me interested in events and lagged more and more towards the end.

Tank was written by Dan Gordon who would go on to write Gotcha (1995) and Surf Ninjas (1993), a movie that still has eighties written all over it, despite the later release date.

Summary : Has tank, bad cops, explosions and mayhem, but fails to create any substantial interest to the plot or the characters throughout its running time


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