#32 All Night Long (1981)

George Dupler (Gene Hackman) is an unlikeable middle-aged man who has just gotten an inexplicable (well, atleast this movie doesn’t bother to tell you the reason) fit of rage at work place and thus demoted to a shop’s night manager. He soon finds out his ignorant knobhead of a son is dating his family friend’s wife Cheryl (Barbra Streisand) and it doesn’t take too long for this vixen to get his hands on George as well.

All Night Long goes fast from bad to worse with some related and some unrelated fill in scenes in between to a point where George has not only left his wife, is living in a dump, and being chased by the ex husband and hated by his son.
Surely this sounds like the situation is getting way too bad to resolve?

Well, fear not! In a true 70s movie style it all comes together magically in the last five minutes in an idiotic twist that’s only barely more reasonable than waking up and realising it was all just a dream.

80s-o-meter: 45%

Total: 17%


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