#824 Caboblanco (1980)

Before I saw Caboblanco, it seemed on a quick look to me that the only good thing going for it was its exotic location. Unfortunately this turned out to be the case.

This early 1980s film is a whiff from the past, style wise strongly resembling movies of the 70s, and even the 60s, and certainly taking some cues from certain classic movies from the 1940s. Story-wise there seems to be a lot to love – sunken treasures, nazis and corrupted police chiefs – but the end result is bit of a mess where the puzzle pieces don’t quite fit together. This being said I don’t think it’s the actual story to be blamed here — had I picked up a worn out copy of the original paperback from some second hand store, I might’ve even enjoyed the plot.

My blame is on the uneven, often stuffy presentation that is somehow uninviting. The exotic port of Caboblanco would’ve been a great framing for a better movie.

80s-o-meter: 37%

Total: 52%