#906 Best Seller (1987)

It wasn’t too long into the moody start sequence of Best Seller with the four gunmen violently making their way to the high security police evidence storage unit to steal evidence, that I knew I was onto something good.

It’s after this prologue that we see the cop – turned a writer since – some 15 years later on a pursuit after a suspect, and getting an unexpected help from a mysterious figure in an expensive suit. The stranger eventually encounters him, promising to hand out the biggest revelation scoop ever, guaranteed to land him the next best selling novel.

I wasn’t stoked to see James Woods in the role of the crook, but it seems I just have to admit I’m just completely wrong about him as he once again triumphs in the role, making a great hitman with some chilling psychopathic traits. The huge framed Brian Dennehy – one of our favourite supporting act movie sheriffs – carries the lead role with ease and natural charm.

Stylish, moody and suspenseful, Best Seller is one of the most positive surprises of the year.

80s-o-meter: 87%

Total: 92%