#901 Flashpoint (1984)

What at first seems like a some sort of lighthearted border patrol buddy cop movie, Flashpoint takes both the viewers and the leads by surprise as the events take several grim turns, soon escalating out of hand.

But the movie does take its sweet time getting there, and the few thrilling events are followed soon after with less thrilling ones – like popping in to library to read some of them micro films. If feels like the movie has its left foot on the brake and its right one on the accelerate, gunning and braking at the same time for the most of the film.

Kris Kristofferson does his basic stuff as a raspy voiced patrolman. Treat Williams who triumphed in Prince of the City seems a little lost with the script that doesn’t give him much to work with. Kurtwood Smith makes for a terrific crook as always, and the movie would’ve had gained quite a lot devoting more screen time to him.

80s-o-meter: 78%

Total: 63%