#862 Iron Eagle (1986)

Often dubbed as the poor man’s Top Gun, Iron Eagle was actually released seven months earlier, in january 1986. As I didn’t check out any previews beforehand I also was expecting a similar experience; a bunch of young Navy hotheads rivalling in the skies.

Instead, Iron Eagle presents us an underage kid nicking a fighter plane from the navy in order to fly it to an imaginary state somewhere in the middle east in order to free his imprisoned father, sentenced to be executed.

This is truly an outrageous concept that could’ve only been born in the 80s and thanks to this ludicrous setup, Iron Eagle ended up a much more fun experience than I had expected.

The movie also gets a high praise from its soundtrack full of kick ass songs from artists such as Dio, Queen, Twisted Sister and King Kobra.

80s-o-meter: 100%

Total: 87%