#675 Rocky IV (1985)

With its cold war thematics the fourth instalment of the Rocky throws out the window all the remaining bits of the drama and credibility there was and replaces them with cartoon-like action movie elements.

Rocky IV is a true offspring of its era and could not have been made in any other decade. Made to purely entertain and to give the western audience what they want, we are presented with the now super athlete Rocky compete against steroid buffed Russian mountain of muscles called Ivan Drago.

It’s more or less a propaganda/personality cult film tailor made for both the USA and Stallone himself to polish his superstar status, but does it all in such an entertaining fashion that one can’t help but love all the nonsense.

Made for the MTV generation, the movie itself is sort of a prolonged music video, and there’s an amazing soundtrack to accompany it, with tons of bigger than life songs including Vince DiCola’s epic training montage theme.

80s-o-meter: 100%

Total: 94%