#1861 Revenge of the Bushido Blade aka The Last Reunion aka Ninja Nightmare (1980)

Apparently shot already in 1976, Revenge of the Bushido Blade, or The Last Reunion as it is somewhat better known was released a few years late in 1980 .. which is why I had to sit through this borefest.

The movie is woefully 70s in every single aspect. There’s the stale smell of cigarette, old guys boozing, crappy cars, sideburns and massive collars. Similarly stale is the plot of a asian businessman travelling to the far east to revenge the retired soldiers the wrongdoings during WWII. Both the bushido martial arts and the awesome plot are tiring to look at, and the movie can’t ever find a way to actually start.

A true testament to the outdated nature of the movie is the very Ed Woodian ending monology – the only moment when the movie was not only bad, but also amusingly so.

80s-o-meter: 18%

Total: 11%