#1446 Mankillers aka 12 Wild Women (1987)

The poster of Mankillers is a poor one, but it very truthfully represents what you can expect out of the movie: tits and guns.

Basically a womanised version of Dirty Dozen with all the depth surgically removed, a concept already utilised by Hell Squad two years earlier. There is very little to nothing to the story; a group of women march into a camp of thugs and engage in a firefight until they’re all dead.

The movie is a typical example of something you’d find in a random rental tape of the 80s, and for most parts you would’ve been happy with watching the attractive women getting into unconvincing fire fights. But for the today’s point of view, there should be something more in here, either in the plot, or just going so much over the border that the end result would be fun.

Mankillers ultimately fails at both.

80s-o-meter: 90%

Total: 35%